MiniPrinter PRO

Performance, Simplicity

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3D concrete printing never been soEasy to master

The MiniPrinter PRO is very easy to operate thanks to its intuitive user Interface, dedicated software suite, and numerous safety features. After just one day of training, you will be able to start printing on your own.

Ease of use


MiniPrinter PRO

MiniPrinter PRO
Printing volume: 1730 L

MiniPrinter PRO XL

MiniPrinter PRO XL
Printing volume: 3600 L


Incredible speed and precision

With its ability to print at high speed without interruption, the MiniPrinter PRO ensures an unparalleled production pace, capable of producing a large quantity throughout an entire day of printing.

MiniPrinter PRO production



Maximum travel speed.
Print without interruption thanks to the multi-pallet mode*.
* For the MiniPrinter PRO XL

MiniPrinter PRO precision



Dynamic precision.
Enhance your parts with textures for a remarkable visual effect.

Cutting-edge features

Modular construction revolution

Use the MiniPrinter PRO to prefabricate your parts in the factory, then install them on-site, turning your architectural ideas into reality with precision and efficiency.

Columns printColumns placed

The game-changing tool for your lab

Designed to work with all 3D printing mortars, the MiniPrinter PRO offers exceptional versatility for R&D material formulation and testing. It can print small quantities during lab tests, up to several tons for production



What are the differences between MiniPrinter PRO and MiniPrinter PRO XL?

The MiniPrinter PRO XL offers 2 times printing volume than the standard version. All other technical specifications are identical.

    This greater print volume enables :

  • Printing larger parts.

  • Using the multiprint function which greatly increases productivity: you can cut the print volume into 2 parts and print alternately on each of these parts while the part printed on the other part sets before being moved.

What are the applications for these machines?

    4 examples of using the MiniPrinter PRO:

  • Thanks to its compatibility with numerous pumping systems, it can be used as a tool for developing and testing new 3D printing inks.

  • Thanks to its printing speed and logistical simplicity, it serves as a tool for producing high-quality prefabricated parts.

  • With its precision and comprehensive software, it is ideal for creating complex designs: textures, non-planar printing, colors, etc.

  • Due to its ease of use and reliability, it can be used as an introductory and training tool for 3D concrete printing.

What is the productivity of these machines?

The MiniPrinter PRO machines are capable of printing up to 1 ton of material per hour for several hours. Therefore, a 7-hour printing day allows for the continuous production of between 5 and 7 tons of printed parts.

What files are compatible and how are they designed?

The Slicer software developed by Constructions-3D provided with the machine is compatible with .STL and .DXF file formats. These formats are common in most CAD software.

What materials are compatible?

The MiniPrinter PRO is compatible with all 3D printable materials that can be pumped, with a maximum particle size of 6mm in DN50 hose size config. (via the additional DN50 kit), or 4mm in DN35 hose size config. The MiniPrinter PRO is offered with either a wetmix pump (requiring an external mixer) or a drymix pump, that can be coupled with a silo.

What space is required for the operation of these machines?

MiniPrinter PRO

MiniPrinter PRO space requirement

MiniPrinter PRO XL

MiniPrinter PRO XL space requirement

What is the cost of printing materials?

Depending on their performance, market printing materials cost between €350/t and €1,200/t. Printed parts generally weigh between 50kg and 1000kg.

Are there any additional fees or a subscription?

There is no subscription associated with the MiniPrinter PRO. The software required to operate the machine is provided upon delivery.

What is the delivery time for a Mini Printer PRO?

The machines are available within a maximum of 3 months from the receipt of the order. Depending on demand and the geographical area, this timeframe may vary. Contact us for a more precise delivery time.

Is it possible to attend a printing demonstration?

We offer 3D printing introductions on the MiniPrinter PRO or MaxiPrinter, allowing you to learn modeling, get hands-on experience with the machines, and print your creation.




1200x1200x1200 mm (PRO)
2500x1200x1200 mm (PRO XL)


400 mm/s

Repeatability level

< 1 mm



450 kg

Exterior (L x W x H)

2.5x1.85x2.18 m
Visual representation of the print volume of the MiniPrinterExterior dimensions of the MiniPrinter