Technical datas

Informations générales
Dimensions (W x D x H)300 x 360 x 510 mm
Weight27 kg
User screen7-inch touch screen
Supply voltage230 VAC (110 VAC optional)
Power requirements3A
Test parameters
Adjustable test speed0.1 mm/s to 2.0 mm/s
Travel speed10 mm/s
ProbeInterchangeable depending on material
Sample holder12 slots



Automated measurement tool

The Constructimètre is a laboratory materials tester. It enables you to test the mechanical strength of your fresh materials prior to construction, and to carry out on-site material quality checks, continuously and under real-life conditions.

We developed the Constructimètre to meet our own need for quality control of mortars before printing. This tool helped us in the construction of our first 3D printed building with the MaxiPrinter, our 3D mortar printer.

Today, we're pleased to make the Constructimètre available to all players advancing construction via 3D printing.

Applications and uses

The Constructimètre is a versatile tool that adapts to different uses and trades:

  • Research: rapidly characterize the strength-increasing properties of materials
  • Quality control: analyze and control your materials on site, compare these results with reference data
  • 3D printing of buildings: anticipate the success of a 3D print during printing in real conditions (humidity, hygrometry, etc.)

Developed for 3D printing of mortars

The Constructimètre is a must-have for 3D mortar printing professionals. Here are just some of the features that will help you optimize your projects:

  • Assessing the constructability of a material: determine the lifting speed
  • Determine the interval required between each print layer to obtain optimum results
  • Use test results to find out a material's permissible stresses as a function of time
  • Create measurement protocols adapted to your needs and your project